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Mark Hymers markh at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Nov 13 11:19:47 PST 2001

On Tue, 13, Nov, 2001 at 04:11:48PM -0300, Eduardo A. Gomez spoke thus..
> Hi,
> I am installing lfs version 3.0-rc2 and I have some questions when 
> create directories:
Firstly, you may wish to step up to version 3.0 of the book which has
fixes in it.

> 1) these link
> 		ln -s share/man man
> 		ln -s share/doc doc
> 		ln -s share/info info
> can not be created. Is the instruccion' order correct ?
> Are these link needed ?
Not *needed* but highly recommended for backwards compatibility.

> 2) Why do I create /usr/etc and /usr/var ? Is this FHS complaint?
Hmm.. A quick glance at my (heavily thumbed) copy of the FHS suggests
that they *shouldn't* be created.  However, this is *your* system and so
it's up to you whether to create them or not.  I know some people create
the following symlinks:  /usr/etc-->/etc /usr/var-->/var.  It's up to
you really.. I can certainly vouch for the fact that none of the base
LFS packages need /usr/etc or /usr/var and that in the unlikely event
that for some wierd reason one did, as long as it used the install
program when running make install (or equivalent), it would create the
directory anyways.  But as I say it's up to you whether to create
them.  FWIW, I don't like them and you've just reminded me to delete
them off my brand new system.



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