'make' and 'fileutils' does not compile

Guyote guyote at mho.net
Tue Nov 13 05:53:14 PST 2001

I had a similar thing happen to me. I was attempting to compile the kernel ( 
statically ), and it failed for unresolved symbols. So I thought I'd try it 
again - but it became WORSE. I found out that soemthing I had typed caused my 
symbolic-link from /lib/include => /usr/src/linux/include to "disappear". 
This was in my host system, not the LFS mount! I re-established the link and 
I was able to compile.

I looked into this a bit and found another package that would "blow-away" my 
environment variables ( I set LFS and LFS-Packages ). Perhaps "configure" was 
to blame. But in any case, the package was NOT installed to the LFS mount, 
but to my host filesystem instead! So I made it a habit to run "./configure", 
if there is one, check to see if my enviroment variables are still set, and 
THEN I will compile and install.

This probably doesn't help, but it should demonstrate that automating this 
process may be a bit tricky. At least it appears it will be on my box.


On Tuesday 13 November 2001 05:42 am, you wrote:
> Hi,
> a few days ago I wrote about my problems with "make" and
> "fileutils" packages that does not compile statically (linker says about
> some unresolved references). Somebody suggested that possibly I mistyped
> some command but it's not rhe cas.
> So: does anybody have any idea what other reason can be? Its strange for
> me that so many people use LFS and everything works ok for them, but for
> me - not. What can be the reason?
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