quiet mounts?

Matthias Benkmann matthias at winterdrache.de
Mon Nov 12 00:17:18 PST 2001

On 12 Nov 2001, at 0:57, Sam Halliday wrote:

> hi, im new to this list
> i finally have an LFS (and then some) working really well on my computer,
> but there are a few thigns which i would like to sort out, and i was
> wondering if anyone knew of a fix:
> 1 - Is there any way that the mount program could be used quietly when
> mounting ReiserFS or vfat systems, it doesnt look very nice on my screen
> when i get a lot of codepage info thrown back at me during init?

I don't know about Reiserfs but vfat doesn't output anything when it is 
mounted with mount -a.
Have you tried  >/dev/null ? What about 2>/dev/null  ?
If both doesn't work, what you see is probably a kernel logging message. 

dmesg -n1
mount ....
dmesg -n7

increase the 1st number to the highest value that makes the messages 
disappear (probably -n6)

> 2 - same question about the hwclock program. (btw ive tried man pages for a
> quiet parameter for each of these programs, there doesnt appear to be one)

hwclock doesn't output anything on my system.
> 5 - how come the winner of the miss universe competition is always from
> earth?

How come you haven't noticed that the last couple winners were all aliens?


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