quiet mounts?

Sam Halliday plendily at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 11 16:57:51 PST 2001

hi, im new to this list

i finally have an LFS (and then some) working really well on my computer, 
but there are a few thigns which i would like to sort out, and i was 
wondering if anyone knew of a fix:

1 - Is there any way that the mount program could be used quietly when 
mounting ReiserFS or vfat systems, it doesnt look very nice on my screen 
when i get a lot of codepage info thrown back at me during init?

2 - same question about the hwclock program. (btw ive tried man pages for a 
quiet parameter for each of these programs, there doesnt appear to be one)

3 - this is maybe due to kernel development in this area, but i run my 
kernel 2.4.15-pre2 with the vga=788 mode for high res, its always worked 
under mandrake, but when i try with LFS, i get the top 3 or 4 lines (where 
the tux penguin is) staying there, and if i 'clear' the screen, the top 3 or 
4 lines of text keep 'sticking' at what was there previously while the rest 
of the screen functions as normal. this happens once every few bootups, does 
anyone know of a fix? it is really annoying, is there a cache flush or 
something (i have a riva tnt2)

4 - i have the linux_logo progra compiled, and it works fine, but is there 
any way i can get it to appear on all the ttys and also when a user logs 
out? like in mandrake.

5 - how come the winner of the miss universe competition is always from 

Sam, Ireland

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