[ANNOUNCE] new hint

Matthias Benkmann haferfrost at web.de
Sun Nov 11 16:16:48 PST 2001

TITLE:		Install LFS next to existing systems on the same partition (v1)

	This hint explains how you can install your new LFS system on a
	partition (typically the / partition) already occupied by another
	Linux system.
	Compared to the one-partition-hint.txt, this hint has the
	following advantages:
	-does not require the use of a loopback mounted filesystem. This means
	 that you never have to recompile your host kernel for this hint.
	-does not require destroying or modifying the host system
	-host and new LFS system will *both* be bootable without loss of 
	 performance to either.
	-can be used to install several LFS systems in parallel on the
	 same partition. Note that this hint does *NOT* require the 
	 installation of a special boot manager to achieve this.




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