Newbie question

cedric cedric at
Sat Nov 10 06:40:10 PST 2001

Started the lfs thing a few days ago. Did a lot of reading first.
Didn't find anything in the archives about the following.

My sys has /dev/hdd1 that is 5.4G, so, my $lfs = /d.
Creating directories went fine.
Installing first file, bash-2.05 didn't.
./configure *** did the checking thing.

Started make.
The first line reads:
configure: warning: --bindir=/d/bin: invalid host type
creating cache ./config.cache
checking host system type... invalid configuration '--bindir=/d/bin' : 
machine '-' not recognized.

Make went do far then:
varibles.c: In function 'makunbound':
varibles.c:2086: Internal error: Segmentation fault.
submit bug report *****
make; *** [variables.o] Error 1
Then make quit.

Any ideas?
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