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Mark Hymers markh at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Nov 8 13:51:17 PST 2001

On Mon, 22, Oct, 2001 at 06:21:00PM +0200, Erika Pacholleck spoke thus..
> When reading the docs in the tar sources, I came across this:
> we intall --libexecdir=/usr/bin for rmt but the info mentions
> that the /etc/rmt is started.
> As there is nothing mentioned about an /etc/rmt being the 
> config file but said it is started, I guess that in ancient
> times this was maybe placed there.
> Now src/rtapelib.c:(18,2068,)302,459,462 mention /etc/rmt and
> the last 3 positions seem to hardcode this (at least what me-
> no-programer guesses from that).
> Has anyone ever tested rmt and it works like we do? Or does
> this maybe need any correction? I would of course prefer a
> simple it's ok this way. ;)
Ugg.. I see what you mean:

=== Paste from "info tar"
The Remote Tape Server
   In order to access the tape drive on a remote machine, `tar' uses
the remote tape server written at the University of California at
Berkeley.  The remote tape server must be installed as `/etc/rmt' on
any machine whose tape drive you want to use.  `tar' calls `/etc/rmt'
by running an `rsh' or `remsh' to the remote machine, optionally using
a different login name if one is supplied.

=== [snip]

I have to say that I find that rather yucky.  What on earth is the path
doing being hard-coded in?  And binary files in /etc... no thank you.
I've checked the FHS and it doesn't mention rmt as far as I can see.
Maybe we could add a note that, in the unlikely event that people need
this functionality, they could create a link /etc/rmt --> /usr/bin/rmt?



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