Glibc-2.2.4 compilation error

ferguson at ferguson at
Thu Nov 8 09:13:29 PST 2001

"Matthias Benkmann" <matthias at> wrote:
> On 8 Nov 2001, at 15:17, Ingvar Sørlien wrote:

>> "Ingvar Sørlien" skrev
>> >> When I try to make Glibc 2.2.4 i get an error like this:
>> >>
>> >> Memory exhausted
>> "Matthias Benkmann" skrev
>> > It seems you need more memory. Add another swap file >and try again.
>> I allready have a 100 MB swap file and 96 MB physical mem.

> What kernel do you use? Maybe you tripped over one of the many many VM 
> problems that have troubled the 2.4.x series from the beginning. 
> Especially if you use an older 2.4.x kernel with the Rik VM, your swap 
> won't help unless it's at least twice as large as physical memory. It 
> sounds weird but you try to DEactivate all swap and try again.

I'm running kernel 2.2.14.
The error message i get is actually: "sort: Memory exhausted" and gcc is
exiting with error 141

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