large disk and dual boot

Thomas -Balu- Walter balu at
Thu Nov 8 01:47:17 PST 2001

In article <007d01c16800$6a60c4e0$3ba7f783 at desk>, David wrote:
> Can anyone help me with this?
> I have a laptop with an 8.4GB BIOS limit and I would like to put LFS and
> Windows 95 on a 10GB hard drive.
> Do I need to use a disk manager such as OnTrack?

I am not sure, but you might try the following setup:

small /boot-Partition (10MB should do it) at the beginning,
X GB  windows (below that border)
X MB  /swap
X GB  / (Linux)

AFAIK Linux (Lilo) just uses the bios to boot. After the kernel is
loaded the drive will be accessed by the Linux-hd-Drivers. Not sure
about windows :), so it is best to put it below the bios-border.

That small /boot might not be necessary, because LILO can boot below
those borders in newer versions, but it's a "I am used to do so"-thing
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