'make' and 'flieutils' compilation problems

Kale Duncan silver at linuxfreemail.com
Wed Nov 7 04:17:10 PST 2001

On Wednesday 07 November 2001 02:56, you wrote:
> Hi, I just try to install LFS 3.0 on my laptop (IBM TP 380ED, intel
> pentium, Slackware 7.1) and I have problems when I try to statically
> compile 'make' and 'fileutils'. When I do: "make
> -LDFLAGS=-static" Compiler says this:

above you entered "make -LDFLAGS=-static"..
there should be no hyphen in front of LDFLAGS.. it should look like:
make LDFLAGS=-static

Maybe you just typo'd in the mail, but I hope the fix is that easy. :)

Kale Duncan
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