[Announce:] BUILDPKG - package build tools 0.0.2r22

Gergely Tamas dice at mfa.kfki.hu
Tue Nov 6 06:05:02 PST 2001


Maybe this utility may interest somebody here...

If not, sorry for bothering...



BUILDPKG - package build tools 0.0.2r22

Buildpkg is a package build system. It gives you the opportunity to
create package system (like rpm, dpkg, stc.) independent descriptions
(.def) which can be used to create binary packages on every system.
It can be also used to track installations and create packages of
the installed files. If you want more safety, you can use the
'jail' feature. In this mode a chroot-ed environment will be
created from the (configurable) list of programmes and the installation
will be done here.

I have done a LFS installation aided by buildpkg. If somebody is
interested in the .def's I can mail them / put them also online.
To read more about it's features, take a look into the buildpkg.1
man page (at the left side)...

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