Thomas thomas.degris at
Mon Nov 5 08:21:48 PST 2001


I am trying to set a server NIS and a client NIS from two lfs rc3. I 
didn't get any trouble to compile it but I can't log on my client with a 
user existing on the server.

On the client, the command "ypcat passwd.byname" returns all the user I 
have on my server but the getwpnam doesn't know the id of user on the 
nis server.

As specified in the book, I installed shadow password and I don't know 
how remove shadow password or anything like that. Because it is written 
in the NIS howto it is not a good idea to use shadow with NIS, I deleted 
users in the shadow file (in /etc) and add their password in 
/etc/passwd. But the client still didn't work.

Does anybody give a hint or whatever ? I really need this...

Thank you


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