problems with kernel 2.4.13

Dieter Scholz dieter_scholz at
Sat Nov 3 06:09:43 PST 2001


it's me again.

I have some problems with kernel 2.4.13. Perhaps you can help:


After the ethnet startup script is executed, a message appears:

'task ifconfig exit_signal 17 in reparent to init'

But eth0 is shown when executing 'ifconfig'.

When I disable the ethnetscript and use exactly the same ifconfig command in
a bash shell, no error occurs at all.

I do not have this problem, when booting this system with a 2.4.5 kernel
build on a pre3.0 LFS system.


When working with the shell randomly a message appears:

'spurious 8259A interrupt: IRQ7'

8259A is an interrupt controller AFAIK.

Again this problem does not appear, when booting this system the 2.4.5
kernel build on a pre3.0 LFS system.


Both, the 2.4.5 and 2.4.13 kernels print out the following message, when

'IRQ routing conflict for 00.7.02: have IRQ 5 want IRQ 10'
'IRQ routing conflict for 00.7.03: have IRQ 5 want IRQ 10'

IRQ 10 is used by my Ethernet card.

/proc/pci says, that 7.02/03 are my USB Controllers.

Does these messages point to an error or can I ignore them?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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