init can't start rcS or rc

Dieter Scholz dieter_scholz at
Sat Nov 3 00:53:55 PST 2001

Hello again,

A few more things I want to mention:

> - when the kernel boots (after initialization of NET4) it prints: ds: no
> socket drivers loaded (my pre-LFS 3.0 system doesn't print this message)
> - my network card doesn't appear in th boot messages although I didn't
> compiled it as a kernel module

I tried to use the kernel of my stable linux system. It boots without the ds
message and my ethernet card is detected. But init still can't execute rc
and rcS. So the kernel shouldn't be responsible ...

> - because I used my build script I compiled all the packages using the
> statically build bash in the chroot environment

I recompiled bash and sysvinit, but without success. Init still can't
execute rc and rcS ... :-(

Any ideas?


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