init can't start rcS or rc

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Fri Nov 2 16:03:05 PST 2001

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Subject: init can't start rcS or rc

> Hello,
> I have a strange problem when booting into my recently build LFS system.
> The kernel boots ok, but when it comes to INIT, it says:
> cannot execute rcS
> cannot execute rc
> and a maintance bash shell pops up.
> I checked the symlinks, rw mode in lilo, the permissions and inittab. ->
> A few more things I want to mention:
> - I use reiserfs
> - when the kernel boots (after initialization of NET4) it prints: ds: no
> socket drivers loaded (my pre-LFS 3.0 system doesn't print this message)
> - my network card doesn't appear in th boot messages although I didn't
> compiled it as a kernel module
> - when I try to run the rc script with /bin/bash rc it tells me: bad
> interpreter and later a few lines of 'command not found'-s
> - because I used my build script I compiled all the packages using the
> statically build bash in the chroot environment
> Can u help me?
> Dieter
Check the first line of rc and rcS, they should contain #!/bin/sh. Also
check if /bin/sh is symlink to /bin/bash
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