security problems with newer ata disks.

Stephan quinte17 at
Sat Apr 2 07:11:59 PST 2005

this link:

describes how your hard disk could get locked with the ata security-feature.
imagine that a virus or anything like that sets a password for your drives
that you dont know.

if u do an
hdparm -I
on your device you can see if that drive could get passworded or not.

they will soon provide a patch for hdparm, so the drive security can be
freezed at startup.
they also sent a notification to the author of hdparm and he agreed to get
that in in one of the future releases. the good thing is noone then could
set a password until the drive resets or the pc reboots.

sorry that this article is in german and my english is not good enough to
describe the problem entirely. could someone plz help translating a bit? ;)

its worth reading it.

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