ucspi-tcp or xinetd

torsten torsten at howard.cc
Tue Jun 10 21:42:13 PDT 2003

On Wed the 11 Jun 2003 at 11 hours EDT
DPP wrote...
>I'm beginner and in the process of setting up my LFS box to become my
>first experiment server.
>Now i'm using qmail as my MTA and proftpd as my ftp daemon can anybody
>explain which one is better ucspi-tcp or xinetd, and how make them
>(qmail and proftpd) as secure as possible?
>One more thing, I have a difficulties in configuring Linux-PAM (0.76), but
>my shadowpassword running well, does anyone could tell me where can I find
>good documentation about PAM ?
>Thanks for the attention, and sorry for my bad english ...

If you want to protect the server, switch to vsftpd.

If you want to protect the files as they are transmitted, switch to sftp.

I don't know much about ucspi-tcp.

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