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Ken Dyke ken_i_m at
Mon Nov 25 10:54:05 PST 2002

On Mon, 2002-11-25 at 11:09, Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:
> That's weird.  Most blackhats I know are all for full disclosure,
> provided they're the ones doing the disclosure so they get their kudos
> (and provided they've had their 3-6 months to play with said exploits in
> private).

Yeah, well this bunch of IRC delinquents have delusions of grandeur or
too high a sugar intake, I am not sure which.  They showed up one day
with a 'manifesto' and started ranting everyone down.  Their arguments
are full of holes, fallacies, and teenage sexual bilge.  Then they
insult people for dismissing them and not seriously debating/rebutting
what they have to say.  I keep hoping that the list will regain its
promise of an excellent forum but I am beginning to think I am hoping in

If you are really interested email me off list.  I don't want to give
them in more PR in a publicly searchable forum then they have already
received.  It really goes to their head.

I think, therefore, ken_i_m
Chief Gadgeteer,
Elegant Innovations
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