Minimalist Linux

jsmaby at jsmaby at
Mon Nov 11 12:26:55 PST 2002

> Beside compressing kernel, mods, man pages, could you point to me what
> packages I should definitely install to at least satisfy the minimal Linux
> box where I can log in and run the machine as router/firewall/ftpserver.

When I set up my firewall, I first made a simple boot script that ran everything
needed to get the system going (mount, chroot, dhcpd, dhcpcd, iptables, etc.).
Then it was as simple as copying those binaries over as well as any libraries
they depended on (or I might have built them statically with uClibc; I forget).
So instead of taking a full lfs and stripping it down, start with nothing, and
add what you need.  It's easy to get a system to fit on a floppy; trivial if
you've got 15mb to work with (heck, you can install X in 15mb).
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