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Sam Halliday samuel at
Mon Nov 11 07:29:23 PST 2002

i have never in my life seen a crosspost as big as this one... Useko,
there was no need to email EVERY list on linuxfromscratch with your

i feel quilty even responding to this email as if i am somehow making the
problem worse... but since ive emailed already here are some pointers....

> 0. should fit on 100MB disk and 16MB memory
strip everything, compress the man pages, compress the kernel
modules, remove the info pages. build everything with -Os

> 1. real basic kernel with some(complete) IDE & PCMCIA CARD drivers supports
> 2. it should have iptables,networking(DNS,FTP,ssh, routing and other basic
> networking) functionalities.
read the shift-? options in the kernel configure, it is all fairly obvious
what is needed. make sure you support your network card, unix and tcp/ip.
if you remove the uneeded device modules from the kernel, you shouldnt
need to worry about remoing much else as this is where the bulk of the
space is... read BLFS, especially inet and the clients/servers you want.

and dont do it again!

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur

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