[SECURITY] Simpleinit root exploit

Donald G. Wilson Jr. wilson at warwick.net
Mon May 27 04:06:21 PDT 2002

Thanks for responding. One more question though. Are you saying it can't 
be exploited from another machine? (say over the internet) I apologize 
for such simpleton questions, but my knowledge of linux security is weak.

Rob 'Feztaa' Park wrote:

>Alas! Donald G. Wilson Jr. spake thus:
>>I subscribed to this list wondering how security problems are handled
>>before installing LFS.  I am at a total loss here as to what is being
>>described. I am also to a total loss as to the workaround (running
>>xdm).  This is a home linux box that everyone in the family uses (6
>>yr. old prefers kde, 15 yr. old prefers gnome, etc.) Graphical login
>>managers provide a simple solution to this situation.  Does this mean
>>I shouldn't bother w/ LFS?  Do these kinds of problems get resolved at
>>a later point, or is it just another gearhead deal of running linux?
>>Presently I run MDK 8.2., was upset i actually spent money on suse
>>I want a clean Linux that is only doing things I told it to do so I
>>thought of LFS, but was afraid security issues would be left behind.
>>Suggestions?  I am interested in security since I have a static IP.
>>Thank you in advance for your time.
>If somebody else in the house knows how to write a boot script, I'd
>worry. Otherwise, don't sweat it. 

Donald Wilson
wilson at warwick.net

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