Fwd: Re: zlib-1.1.4 out - security fix

Ian Molton spyro at armlinux.org
Wed Mar 13 06:49:43 PST 2002

On a sunny Wed, 13 Mar 2002 08:47:47 -0500 (EST) Bill Maltby LFS Related
gathered a sheaf of electrons and etched in their motions the following
immortal words:

> Ian,
> I'm starting to feel guilt, so after this, I'm taking my part of this
> thread to the Local beer hall.

Hm. how about email?

(or better still, why dont we set up lfs-chatter ? I can see a community
with no chatroom here...)

> Yes. That was akin to "craftsmanship" and "elegance". You don't see much
> of either anymore. Too bad. :-(

I wish I was in a position in the industry that was important enough that I
could force it to behave :-(

> > Its very lonely. as far as I know I am the ONLY person attempting to
> > run linux on this machine.
> Well, _you_ better not get Alzheimer's! ;-)

If I do, no-one else will care ;)
> > It /used/ to have a working port, around 2.0.xx but Im working on 2.4
> > and a LOT of the code has 'rotted'.
> Speaking of which, how's the hardware holding up. Anything besides the
> IDE drives occasionally need repair? What do you do then?

The hardware is pretty good.

Acorn computers have a reputation for building insanely over engineered
machines, like the BBC model B.

The Archimedes range is not an exception. The machine is *perfect*
electronically - not even a loose connector on the expansion cards.

The A540 is not /quite/ so well preserved - I had to take it apart when I
received it, and clean the sockets containing the video and memory
controllers (otherwise it would randomly lock up and refuse to start for a
few minutes with video DMA failures) 
The 410 suffered a catastrophic failure of a 20p logic chip when it was a
few months old. it froze MEMC and as a result blew about 3 megs of RAM
chips and a few other components including the OS ROMS. back then, RAM was
*NOT* cheap.

Its sad to see so many of these machines go in the bin. they are still very
capable :-(

The A410 was my first 'proper' computer, and is still going strong.
it has
4MB ROM (with OS and GUI in)
ethernet (10Mbit)
video digitiser (colour, PAL, full frame)
colourcard (suppplementary RAMDAC card, a bit of a hack, but allows higher
refresh, bigger modes (480K screen mem max), and frees up the memory bus a
bit. it acquires its video data by reading the onboard video chips 4-bit
digital output, and storing it in local VRAM. theonboard video is run at a
reduced refresh rate, freeing up the memory bus.

And the PSU still puts out (under load) a very constant 11.98V and 4.99V
(my multimeter probably isnt as well regulated!)

The A540 is similar but has SCSI not IDE.

I wrote the IDE driver for linux for the A410s IDE card. It works fine.

> Same in real life - parents get worn down, children just keep running us
> ragged.

LOL. thats the truth :)
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