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Don Smith midio at att.net
Tue Mar 12 16:08:34 PST 2002

"Bill Maltby LFS Related" <lfsbill at wlmlx1.wlmcs.com> wrote in message
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> Ian,
> Just like the old Mainframes. 16 GPR, 15 is not IP, but is branch to
> address in the BALR 14,15. I never fell in love with micro assem be-
> cause there were so few registers and they were so restricted. Esp.
> early on when haveing to pair them up for certain ops, and math was
> a relative nightmare for similar reasons.

About the time you  were using BALR, I was using LMJ's and LBJ's on
UNIVACs. 128 registers of which 44 were directly modifiable in user
mode. Just leave your return address in a register, no need for slow
memory accesses.

Of course these things filled a very large and specially built room to
get just 1 MIPS!

> Ahhh, the good ol' 360/370 series. You could do almost any operation
> to/from any combination of mem/reg. Including math, and in several
> forms - native, packed, ebcidic, whatever.
> And _knobs_ and _switches_. We could stop dead in their tracks,
> single step, go over and spin a tape manually past a bad spot and
> start that bugger up again.
> Now all we can do is swear at the nasty little temperamental SOBs.

Or put Linux on them :-)

<snipping the rest>


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