zlib-1.1.4 out - security fix

Ivo ivo at primerelay.net
Mon Mar 11 15:12:12 PST 2002

On Mon, Mar 11, 2002 at 04:43:41PM -0600, Michael Grice wrote:
> Well, something like this should find all the include files which
> reference zlib.h:
> find . -name "*\.h" -type f -print | xargs egrep -l "#include.*zlib.h"

If you're using this to find vulnerable packages, also scan all .c files,
because alot of packages that use zlib include the header in a .c file.

Ivo Bitter
die_if_kernel("Kernel gets FloatingPenguinUnit disabled trap", regs);
        2.2.16 /usr/src/linux/arch/sparc/kernel/traps.c

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