How secure is LFS?

Wil Cooley wcooley at
Tue Feb 26 11:51:32 PST 2002

Also Sprach Richard Clark <rclark at> on Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 11:13:20AM PST
> I went with LFS for security, because I know exactly what I installed, I
> know exactly what is on my system to be exploited.
> I have Apache, Bind, Postfix, SSH, and QPopper.  
> These are the only daemons running, and as long as I watch for security
> reports, and keep them up to date, then I feel I am about as secure as I
> can get.
> I also follow the guidelines from TrinityOS
> and Bastile Linux
> to help secure the system in general.
> Now, that being said - Security is only as good as I make it.. If I am
> lax, don't change the defaults, don't follow the security reports, and
> don't patch and upgrade, then I will be just as open as any other
> distro..
> But at least it is MY fault :)

Security, especially with free software, is always YOUR (rather,
the admin's) fault, regardless of whether you're using a binary
distro installation or LFS.

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