Umask and file permission question

Andrew Friedley saai at
Sat Aug 31 06:39:53 PDT 2002

I've always used 077 for all users including root, but I tend to be kind of
restrictive on permissions.  Just remember to to set your umask to 022 when
you build a new lfs, or you'll end up chmod'ing most of your new system by
hand to get it working right :)  Usually when I want to share stuff between
users ill cp the files to /tmp and chmod them, then rm em when im done.


> How (in)sane would it be to set umask to 077 in the /etc/profile or
> .bash_profile? The only things I can think of would be when you install
> stuff or have an explicit need to share files between users. As far as
> installing, I can just make /etc/profile only set umask for non-root
> users. Sharing is where it gets more complicated. I'm thinking maybe set
> umask to 007 instead, and make a separate share folder while at the same
> time chmodding 0700 all home directories. I currently don't have a need
> to share files between users except what is on the samba server and it
> handles permissions quite nicely. So aside from samba, just looking at
> one machine with multiple users, is anything I've suggested sounding
> reasonable or should I just check myself in to the local asylum? :)
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