Umask and file permission question

Archaic archaic at
Fri Aug 30 22:58:44 PDT 2002

How (in)sane would it be to set umask to 077 in the /etc/profile or
.bash_profile? The only things I can think of would be when you install
stuff or have an explicit need to share files between users. As far as
installing, I can just make /etc/profile only set umask for non-root
users. Sharing is where it gets more complicated. I'm thinking maybe set
umask to 007 instead, and make a separate share folder while at the same
time chmodding 0700 all home directories. I currently don't have a need
to share files between users except what is on the samba server and it
handles permissions quite nicely. So aside from samba, just looking at
one machine with multiple users, is anything I've suggested sounding
reasonable or should I just check myself in to the local asylum? :)


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