OpenSSH Trojan

Sam Halliday sam at
Sat Aug 3 06:49:17 PDT 2002

Steve Bougerolle <steveb at> wrote:
> Linux is a security disaster waiting to happen.  We boast that it's
> more secure because it has built-in security features, but in reality
> almost all of us use huge amounts of unaudited code obtained from
> sources that are unreliable at best (by which I mean they don't worry
> about SECURITY anywhere near as much as they should).

i totally agree... when i was installign my netools packages, i couldnt
even find an official site, let alone source code... i just thought to
myself "hmm, couldnt anyone just write this stuff with the same name and
have their `ftp' client being used the world over". makes you wonder!

Chicken Little only has to be right once.
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