OpenSSH Trojan

Pawel lfs-security at
Fri Aug 2 11:22:47 PDT 2002

At 11:45 PM 8/2/2002 +0800, you wrote:

>True enough, and we all know it, but griping doesn't do any good without
>a practical alternative.  Coda seems to be dead in the water, Intermezzo
>still doesn't make it, and AFS/arla looks promising but also looks to
>need a lot more support in Linux.  So for practical centralized file
>sharing between Linux machines, NFS is IT for the foreseeable future,
>except maybe for user-space non-transparent stuff involving SSH, and a
>system built to network has to take that into account.

Did you take a look at SFS from ?
Seems rather transparent, uses encryption, they even say it outperforms
NFS over tcp.


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