OpenSSH Trojan

Matthias Benkmann matthias at
Fri Aug 2 02:45:04 PDT 2002

On 02 Aug 2002 09:18:50 +0800 Steve Bougerolle
<steveb at> wrote:

> I have to disagree with you, Matthias.  Your "more control" system will
> give a lot more security to a single PC, and when I first saw it I was
> really enthused and started to think how I could use it. 

BTW, the hint's primary purpose is package management and protection
against badly behaved and conflicting packages (such as sh-utils
overwriting hostname). It has proven its worth many times in this regard.
Especially the ability to uninstall a package quickly and cleanly with a
simple find -path "/usr/src*" -prune -or -user ... -exec rm {} \; is a
luxury that I value greatly. That it offers some protection against
malicious tampering with build instructions is just a side effect.


I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out.

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