[bugzilla at linuxfromscratch.org: [Bug 75] New: ownership of /usr/include/{asm, linux}]

Thomas M. Beaudry k8la at arrl.net
Tue Jun 26 00:13:30 PDT 2001

Or you can add the --no-same-owner option to your tar command to force 
everything to UID/GID root.  Saves a little time on a slow machine.

>The kernel, when packaged, is never owned by root:root, and i'm assuming, is 
>the same UID/GID that Linus is, hence, when we just copy the files over, and 
>keep the ownership, the files are not owned by root, which is a big no-no, in 
>my book, anyways.. after the copy of files to /usr/include, a 'chown root:root 
>/usr/include{asm|linux} -R' or something along those lines, should be run.

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