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Daniel Roethlisberger daniel at
Thu Jun 21 15:11:04 PDT 2001

Just to clear up my point a little: I don't want to stop you guys
discussing your secure distributions. It's good to see security
conscient people developing secure distributions.


My main concern is that there should be a list that serves as a
way to alarm people about security issues within LFS packages,
without a lot of 'off topic' discussions, off topic meaning not
relevant for most security-concient LFS owners. It should be a
rather low volume list; otherwise the purpose is defeated, and
people overlook important issues because of uninteresting stuff.

There should be a place to discuss LFS-derived distributions and
general security addons, but not on a security notification list.
It doesn't have to be lfs-security, maybe there should be
lfs-security-announce or maybe a lfs-derivate list. Or maybe
security announcements should go on lfs-announce. Or maybe I
should just shut the fsck up ;o)

Oh, just one last thing before I do so:
EXP <exp at> please:


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