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Fri Jun 1 23:40:43 PDT 2001

Thus spake Kristoffer Ekelund:
> > I'd recommend using stunnel, since it has an easy-to-use windoze client.
> > You can probably make some vb macro to put on their desktop to forward a
> > local port to your remote port, for pop3 or imap.
> Ok, stunnel looks a tad complicated, but I'll look into it. It doesn't
> look like a very elegant solution though. Not to me anyway... Are there
> really no encrypted protocols for retriveing mail?

Some POP and IMAP clients and servers support challenge-handshake
password systems, but I've never taken the time to try them out.
I made RPMs for stunnel init scripts that'll start stunnel processes
listening on the SSL-POP3 and SSL-IMAP ports.  It's better to
run stunnel this way, and is one reason I prefer it over sslwrap,
because there is less overhead.  You can read about it in the stunnel
FAQ:  Even though mine
are RPMs (and designed to integrate with a Red Hat system), you
should be able to find enough in the init scripts to get you going:, imapsd and pop3sd.

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