Secure email

Kristoffer Ekelund e7ke at
Fri Jun 1 13:34:34 PDT 2001

Hi all!

I'm in the process of setting up in and outgoing email services on my LFS
machine and I've stumbled upon a question I haven't been able to find the
answer to yet. Is there any protocols for checking email that doesn't use
plaintext password. I haven't even been able to figure out if pop3 uses
plaintext passwords, I think it does but I'm not sure or if there is any
way to make it use some good form of encrypted passwords...

Also, are there any email programs (MDA's and MTA's mainly) that anyone
can recomend on the basis of security? I'm setting up qmail right now,
since sendmail seems to have to many exploits...


Read, think, spread!

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