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Craig M. Reece craigthulu at
Wed Jan 3 15:23:48 PST 2001

We cut off my earlier message which stated that I run this install right 
after creating the directories, but before any of the programs get installed. 
Therefore, the newly installed programs overwrite the appropriate man page(s) 
if necessary. Attached is my minimal script for doing it.

On Wednesday, January 03, 2001 06:07 pm, Gerard Beekmans spoke thusly:
> On January  3, 2001 03:48 pm, Craig M. Reece wrote:
> > I don't use the cp -av method; I use the actual Makefile that comes in
> > the man-pages sources. It appears to do the right thing with permissions.
> Does it also do the right thing with not overwriting files that are already
> present? Last I have seen is that it checks for file stamps. If a file in
> the man-pages package is newer than the one already in /usr/man, it will
> overwrite the file. That's a bad thing in my opinion. What if for some
> reason your clock simply isn't set right when you installed the previous
> packages. That's why I never trusted the 'real' installation method for
> that package.
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