man-pages? what does this...

Craig M. Reece craigthulu at
Wed Jan 3 12:48:10 PST 2001

I don't use the cp -av method; I use the actual Makefile that comes in the 
man-pages sources. It appears to do the right thing with permissions.

On Wednesday, January 03, 2001 03:09 pm, Gerard Beekmans spoke thusly:
> On January  2, 2001 08:09 pm, Craig M. Reece wrote:
> > What I do (YMMV) is run the install script from the man-pages pacakge
> > before installing anything else on my LFS partition (right after creating
> > the directories). This way the basic man pages are all there and get
> > appropriately overwritten/updated by the later package installs when and
> > if they need to be.
> True, but the ones that aren't overwritten will still keep those incorrect
> permissions.

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