bare minimum packages (Was: Ping, Pong, oh lets get moving shall we ;)

Rudolf Floers r.floers at
Sat Nov 11 10:02:22 PST 2000

On Sat, Nov 11, 2000 at 04:45:08PM +0100, Fabio Fracassi wrote:
> On Saturday 11 November 2000 05:12, you wrote:
> > well, i think it's a good idea to allow logins from a serial line only.
> > how do you set that up?
> have a look at /etc/login.defs, /etc/login.access, man login, man login.defs, 
> ...
> PAM can do such things pretty well, but I haven't yet looked into it, so I 
> can't tell you  where to start.
> > how can you actually force a telnet daemon to listen on the serial
> > interface only (not on eth0, for example).
> >
> Most daemons have such options in there config file.
> But if you are realy concerned about security, you should not use 
> telnet at all, but do it with ssh.

just found the TEXT-TERMINAL-HOWTO and
they contain the answers to my questions.


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