Ping, Pong, oh lets get moving shall we ;)

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Wed Nov 8 01:44:11 PST 2000


Hrm...guys, everyone shouted for this list and there hasn't been one
post yet, isn't there anything one wants to post here?

Ok, even though this is suppose to be just for packages that come with
LFS (considered there has not been one posts yet, i'll start something :)

if you use locate that comes with glibc, i suggest installing slocate to
start with, has support for multiple users, etc... like if you updatedb
and ran 'locate root' you can see all those nice files in /root, etc,
(as a regular user that is) it's a nice extra touch on an LFS system;
(btw, allthough if you have never did 'updatedb' nor use locate, you
really have nothing to worry about :)

OpenSSH has been updated yet again to version 2.3.0p1, it requires zlib
and OpenSSL, i strongly recomment using it over standard telnet (there
is a great Windows client called PuTTY and even some half-decent Java
applets for your standard browsers, and a few Mac, etc) as well as SSH1
and SSH2 support, combined into one binary (just a small change in the
configuration file to take effect) unlike the standard SSH daemon from
SSH Communitications Security where you have to have bough the SSH1 and
SSH2 daemons installed, and the guys that are doing the development do
know what they are doing, it's the OpenBSD team; (look for the 'Operating Systems' column and
click 'Linux')

Sudo is an excellent little tool that i've grown to really like (thx
Gerard for mentioning it =) which allows a user (depending on the
configuration) to execute a command as root, but w/o giving them root's
password, etcetc, it's great if you just want a user to be able to
restart a webserver or certain daemon;

I can keep going, but i'll throw this at you guys for now... (btw Balu,
forward that SuSE Glibc bug/report here)

*mumbles away*

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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