run klogd, syslogd and pppd with non-root privileges

Rudolf Floers r.floers at
Sun Dec 17 08:16:06 PST 2000


> > you also need to run syslogd with -n - don't know why. but that way it works.
> I hope you don't run it like that, untill you do know what -n does...
> it's not a good idea to run daemons a different way if you aren't sure
> why they should be run that way :)

syslogd man page says -n avoids auto-backgrounding.
i'm not sure, but i think a process needs root privileges to go into background. (it needs to fork or something like that, doesn't it?)
start syslogd from a root console, just add a -n and &, and it should work.

root# syslogd -n &


if you make all isdn devicefiles and configuration files read/writeable for the ipppd user,
	chown <ipppduser> /dev/i*
	chown -R <ipppduser> /etc/ppp
then run the ipppd, after modifying owner and permissions,
	chown <ipppduser> /usr/sbin/ipppd
	chmod u+s /usr/sbin/ipppd
	ipppd file /etc/ppp/options.ippp0 debug
and make a connection,
	isdnctrl dial ippp0
it works until the ipppd attempts to call ioctl(SIOCSIFMTU) and (SIOCAIFADDR).
i assume it needs root privileges to do that.
couldn't find a solution.


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