jhalfs and nALFS

jon public at pitchblende.org
Mon Apr 16 07:47:57 PDT 2012

would some mind telling the true story of the /downfall/ of nALFS?

Clearly a lot of love time and attention went into it and now its just
lying there.

Personally jhalfs feels completely wrong. I love when it works and there
it is a fully built system but it so happens that last time I could
only confidently do this with LFS-6.3 which left me doing all sorts of
weird things to keep this hybrid 'code-frankenstein's monster' on the

On the other had I hate trying to work the ncurses style menu and
watching it crack over various little things during a build.

Please, any insight is appreciated, Im old washed up programmer and I
have begun looking at the code base for nALFS. Let me know how I
should/could proceed. If at all.

This last experiece with LFS and the lack of real feedback (nb that is
not a flame) had me looking at BSD! BTW is T2 working for anyone here?


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