Andrew Benton b3nton at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 09:32:52 PDT 2010

On Wed, 27 Oct 2010 01:55:22 -0400
Mike Hollis <zzflop at embarqmail.com> wrote:
>  Which brings me to something that bugs me somewhat. This machine is 
> running on a devel build from July is which is now current stable.
> I had around 18 libmudflap errors then and my previous build back in 
> March (LFS-6.6,gcc 4.4.3) had 8. That is really no big deal, but  I use
> a lot of older software and a lot of things that compiled cleanly on 
> on gcc 4.4.3 error out on gcc 4.5.1.
>  Mostly its just one or 2 errors of adding a const char , but after 20
> of these it get's a little tedious. Sometimes it is beyond my limited
> C or C++ expertise, and always a screen full of warnings about data 
> types and so forth. 
This is why I like to script my builds. I don't mind spending an hour
getting something to compile as long as I only have to do it once. If I
do it by hand I'll forget what to do and have to start again the next
time around. If I work out a fix and put it in a script I can forget
about it. Use `case ${HOSTNAME} in' to configure the build differently
on the different computers and just leave the script to run.


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