Mike Hollis zzflop at embarqmail.com
Tue Oct 26 22:55:22 PDT 2010

 I have an old Pentium2 machine that was out in the barn for a couple of 
years because the processor failed.I figured I might find another used
processor one day so I kept it and I did run across a used P2, but by 
that time I had already scavenged one of Dimms so now it only has 125 M 
of memory and I couldn't find the the hard drive box so I tied a similar
one with tie staps (at least I used the same length tie straps) and set 
it up as a router using the jhalfs install from the live cd.
 Today I decided to upgrade it using jhalfs and the stable book and its 
running right now and has been since 5 PM and it is 11 PM now and has 
not finished the toolchain yet. GCC first pass took 110 minutes and the 
SBU estimate is 5 so if my math is correct that is ~ 16 hours for the 
final gcc install.If it errors out it will become a debian router.

 Which brings me to something that bugs me somewhat. This machine is 
running on a devel build from July is which is now current stable.
I had around 18 libmudflap errors then and my previous build back in 
March (LFS-6.6,gcc 4.4.3) had 8. That is really no big deal, but  I use
a lot of older software and a lot of things that compiled cleanly on 
on gcc 4.4.3 error out on gcc 4.5.1.

 Mostly its just one or 2 errors of adding a const char , but after 20
of these it get's a little tedious. Sometimes it is beyond my limited
C or C++ expertise, and always a screen full of warnings about data 
types and so forth. 

 I know I'm free to use any compiler I choose , and I would like to use 
newer versions whenever possible, but I want it to work at least as well
as the last version.

 Gerard said anything goes on this list, so I guess whining is allowed.
I can't speak on the price of beer as I have not had one in 6 months; 
I'm getting thirsty thinking about it.

-- Mike Hollis --




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