Is it important the partition Id when partition a hard disk with fdisk in Linux?

littlebat dashing.meng at
Tue Jun 8 20:52:05 PDT 2010

> EX, if you change the ID on a NTFS volume from 0x07 to some random
> value, linux has no issues mounting it (albet, windows may have a fit)

Thanks for your detailed reply.

I used CDlinux(a linux livecd) to format a Windows FAT32 partition( which shown as zero bytes partition under Windows) to NTFS format after copied the data inside into other place under CDlinux. But I forgot to change its partition Id from "b"(W95 FAT32) to "7"(HPFS/NTFS) in "fdisk". After copied the data return into this partition, I booted into Windows and did a disk scanning and repairing on this partition and no error or warning reported.

Some days later, I remembered that I forgot to change that partition Id to the proper one "7". The machine is my friend's, I am wondering if I should call him to deliver the machine to me to fix this problem, I am not sure if this problem will cause some more serious accident in the future. 

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