Is it important the partition Id when partition a hard disk with fdisk in Linux?

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On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 8:45 PM, Trent Shea <trentshea at> wrote:
> On Thursday 03 June 2010 21:25:05 littlebat wrote:
>> So I don't know what is the function of this partition Id? Is there any
>> issue when set this wrong partition Id like the previous example? Is it
>> only a two words' tag in Disk Partition Table and no any other meaning?
> I've seen Windows have trouble installing when the label is not NTFS, I
> believe it barfed when the boot flag wasn't active, too, but it has been
> awhile.
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AFAIK, linux does not use this flag when mounting a device.  The only
time I have ever seen linux pay attention to the ID flag was 0xFD, for
automatically probing raid array's (and if you use userspace tools,
you do not need to worry about this)

windows & Dos appear to use this flag to identify what kind of
partition it is.  Ran into a case where a program called Norton Goback
(never did find out what it was supose to do) changed the flag to
something like 0x31, and the machine would no longer boot when it was
uninstalled.  Simply loading up fdisk in linux, and changing the ID
back to 7 allowed it to boot again.

EX, if you change the ID on a NTFS volume from 0x07 to some random
value, linux has no issues mounting it (albet, windows may have a fit)
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