How to measure language -- Google will find anything I misspell here![was: Re: LFS 6.6-rc1 corrections]

Jan-Christoph Bornschlegel trollfood at
Mon Feb 22 03:19:03 PST 2010

Matthew Burgess schrieb:
> Don't get me started!
Go! Go! Go! :)

> The abuse of 'lend' and 'borrow' is fairly pervasive and seems to
> be getting worse (e.g. people have a tendency to say 'can you borrow me £10' or 'can I lend £10
> off of you').  'teach' and 'learn' are similarly interchanged without the speaker being aware of
> how confused they sound...'she learned me how to speak' is just one horrible example!

Yeah, not to mention raise/rise. 70% of German engineering students get
that wrong all the time. Our professor said "If you're unsure, use

> And, whilst mildly amusing, 'simples' (synonym for 'simple') is becoming more and more common
> thanks to a popular advert over here.

But there was a rather smart joke in an advert, too, IIRC. It was for a
Volvo car and said only "It shifts". I liked that one.

In German advertisement industry there's also a new habit of inventing
impossible words. One of the first was "unkaputtbar" (freely translated
"un-broken-able"), and this spreads like the plaque ever since.

> I wonder whether it's our selfish nature that thinks this is acceptable, but in a world getting
> smaller by the day, it seems pretty presumptious/arrogant to think that non-native speakers should
> have to do the 'double-take' so as to figure out what the speaker actually meant as opposed to
> what they actually said.

Probably is, yes. On the other hand, from a communication theory point
of view, you as the sender cannot be responsible for what the receiver
interprets, because you don't know his background (or her, no offence)

> Mind you, when our government comes out with stupid slogans such as "the 3 'Rs" as to how to
> tackle falling standards in education, and those 3 R's consist of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
> what chance do we have?

... I pray this is a joke. Although I have to admit there _is_ an 'r' in
every word, but  so is an 'i' :)

BTW, just to mention this, the German translation of the LFS book is
very nice. Although I have a sound understanding of English language, I
used the German book for my first two successful LFS systems (6.3 and 6.4).


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