Kernel Panic not syning vfs unable to boot fs and also showing list of available partitions

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Le Mon, 25 May 2009 08:57:21 +0530 srikanth tiyyagura
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> Is this problem relates to file system or with the config parameters of he
> kernel ?
> Can i provide any other information , to slove this problem.

Maybe you could see how the boot is done under Mandriva (you can repair
your Grub to use the one from Mandriva, for example by using the Mandriva
disk install. Then you see how the menu.lst is written on the mandriva
install, and you adapt it.

You could also consider this from the grub help page :

The device syntax is like this:


`[]' means the parameter is optional. device should be either `fd' or
`hd' followed by a digit, like `fd0'. But you can also set device to a
hexadecimal or a decimal number which is a BIOS drive number, so the
following are equivalent:


part-num represents the partition number of device, starting from zero
for primary partitions and from four for extended partitions, and
bsd-subpart-letter represents the BSD disklabel subpartition, such as `a'
or `e'. 

Those informations should be accessed from your mandriva install.

Next verification : did you configure your kernel for sda drives ? I
don't know where this is done (the sda device I have is on my laptop, on
which I installed a Debian). If nothing else works, I think this could be
the problem.

BTW, on my laptop, I sometimes experiment this error message, the thing I
have to do then is switch off the laptop, then on again (just like in IT
Crowd ;-)

> In my error documentation , no RAID disks message is there , is this
> releates to hard disk ?

No clue on that one :-(



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