Betr: Swap for LFS LiveCD 6.1.1

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If you have a harddisk, you have 2 options:
1) Swapfile. First create a file for the swapspace. the command is something
like this: (I don't have a linux box here to test. Please correct me)
dd if=/dev/null of=/some/where/swapfile count=512MB
mkswap /some/where/swapfile
swapon /some/where/swapfile

2) Swappartition. First create a partition of type swap.
mkswap /dev/hda1 <= replace with actual swappartition
swapon /dev/hda1 <= replace with actual swappartition

Please let me know if it has worked.

Best regards,

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>How can I set up swap space for the Linux system on LFS LiveCD 6.1.1?
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