kernel configuration

Robert R. Russell zoohoo.linux at
Wed Jan 7 23:53:37 PST 2009

On Wednesday 07 January 2009 05:54:01 pm Ken Moffat wrote:
>  Just a reminder that making the right decisions when new choices
> appear in .config is not always obvious and needs to be tested.
>  With 2.6.27 I was happy that everything worked adequately.  Tried
> several 2.6.28-rc and made what seemed to be sensible choices.  At
> that time I wasn't building a new system.  When 2.6.28 came out I
> rolled it out across my boxes and systems (several on each box).
>  And then I built a new pure64 system.  In the initial stages I
> noted that firefox was lagging horribly during compilations (e.g.
> start it during a compile, or open a new tab, and nothing seems to
> happen for far longer than 'normal', and the system was as
> unresponsive as I've ever seen.
>  Compared the kernel options, the only obvious change was that for
> some reason I'd selected CONFIG_GROUP_SCHED (in the past, I had
> different problems with that on x86_32).  Turned that off for the
> new system, and (now I've built nearly everything) responsiveness is
> back to how I expect.
>  Another one to add to the bulky file labelled "experience", but I
> do wonder what sort of hardware the people who use group scheduling
> are running on.
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If what I have been told by some others is correct, group scheduling only 
works if certain userspace utilities are installed a configured. I don't know 
what utilities are required though.

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