kernel configuration

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at
Wed Jan 7 15:54:01 PST 2009

 Just a reminder that making the right decisions when new choices
appear in .config is not always obvious and needs to be tested.

 With 2.6.27 I was happy that everything worked adequately.  Tried
several 2.6.28-rc and made what seemed to be sensible choices.  At
that time I wasn't building a new system.  When 2.6.28 came out I
rolled it out across my boxes and systems (several on each box).

 And then I built a new pure64 system.  In the initial stages I
noted that firefox was lagging horribly during compilations (e.g.
start it during a compile, or open a new tab, and nothing seems to
happen for far longer than 'normal', and the system was as
unresponsive as I've ever seen.

 Compared the kernel options, the only obvious change was that for
some reason I'd selected CONFIG_GROUP_SCHED (in the past, I had
different problems with that on x86_32).  Turned that off for the
new system, and (now I've built nearly everything) responsiveness is
back to how I expect.

 Another one to add to the bulky file labelled "experience", but I
do wonder what sort of hardware the people who use group scheduling
are running on.

das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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