An idea on extending the "Package users" approach

mantiz at mantiz at
Wed Jan 7 08:56:55 PST 2009

Hi all,

interesting discussion.
I'm using package users too and I am fine with it.
I install each package in /pkgs/<package>-<version>, additionally I
created the most used directories
/pkgs/{aclocal,bin,include,lib,sbin,var} and symlink each
package-files to this directory.

So I need only to add /pkgs/{bin,sbin} to the PATH-Variable and
everything is fine. Different versions get different directories, ie.
/pkgs/foobar-1.0 and /pkgs/foobar-1.2. Each package which needs some
files from foobar-1.0 is linked against /pkgs/foobar-1.0.
In that way I can have different, perhaps incompatible versions of the
same package installed at the same time.
If the newer version is fully compatible to the old version I can
remove the old package-dir and replace it by a symlink to the newer
It is some work and especially for some packages a bit tricky to
compile because some files are not found but with some trial-and-error
it is working nice for me. :)
If I want all installed version I simply can do a `ls /pkgs | grep
foobar` and that's it.

The only packages that are not installed in this way are the
core-lfs-packages, which I installed with the
in /lfs-6.3, so I can install a newer LFS-system in /lfs-6.4 boot with
this mounted as / and then mount /pkgs and I have all packages
available with the newer core-system.


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